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RU debt free: a guide to managing your personal finances

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posted on 2023-11-03, 08:57 authored by Jedidiah Andres, Arsal Wahab, Doug Furchner, Sonny BanerjeeSonny Banerjee
Money and other financial assets are essential elements of everyday life. It is important for students to understand how to manage their money in order to avoid financial stress. Students must have a strong foundation in financial literacy, which illustrates basic financial concepts and asset management techniques. This knowledge is vital for students seeking to establish successful careers and personal lives. Financial literacy programs are used as tools to analyze and provide knowledge to individuals in allocating their financial resources. It also aids in better educating and preparing students to manage these financial resources during and after their time at school. It is especially important given the current state of the economy, which has impacted Canada’s economic growth and students’ ability to obtain meaningful employment after graduation. To help students succeed in money management and enhance financial literacy Ryerson University Financial Services and the Ryerson University Library developed a financial literacy workshop series geared towards students. The workshop will allow students to gain a strong foundation in financial literacy; more specifically the financial components of budgeting, banking, credit, paying for school and life after school. In this handbook you will find information about managing your money during and after school. We know that money is important and it takes strong skill sets and discipline to manage your money. Like most skills it requires practice. Without applying financial literacy skills it is likely that you will at some point in your life experience financial distress. This workshop series will help you mitigate that risk.



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