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RBS moment connection analysis using a solid model

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posted on 2021-05-21, 09:40 authored by Mikaela Coello-Mena
The unpredictability of the steel beam welding connection has led to many solutions, including the are of focus for this research Reduced Beam Section ( Moment Connections The RBS in steel moment connection facilitates the calculation and predictability of failure in design The RBS section is created by cutting out part of the flanges in a beam This creates a plastic hinge where the beam will fail first 1 This creates a model of predictability on the durability and strength of the beams Creating a RBS connection increases the overall ductility of the steel frame The RBS section reduces the flange width which causes stress concentration on the reduced section and this then lowers the stress on the welds. The lower stress then prevents unexpected brittle fracture in the welding a predicted plastic deformation of the RBS section during a seismic event 2 3 The research is focused on optimizing the RBS connection Finite models will be created using ANSYS to investigate how different RBS connections react in different situations and what is the most efficient design in terms of safety and cost.



Ryerson University. Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science




Undergraduate Research