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Online Map Design for Public Health Decision-Makers

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:44 authored by Jonathan Cinnamon, Claus Rinner, Michael D. Cusimano, Sean Marshall, Tsegaye Bekele, Tony Hernandez, Richard H. Glazier, Mary L. Chipman
Injury places a heavy burden on public-health resources that is not distributed evenly in space, making the mapping of injury and its socio-demographic risk factors an effective tool for prevention planning. In a survey of health-related interactive Web mapping applications we found great variation with respect to content, cartography, and technical aspects. Based on teh survey results, input from a group of potential end users, cartographic design principles, and data-set requirements, we created a Web site with static, animated, and interactive injury maps. We mapped injury rates and possible socio-deomgraphic risk factors for the City of Toronto. Through the three functionally different types of maps, a variety of ways to explore the same public-health data sets could be demostrated. The results highlight the practical options available to public-health analysts and decision makers who wish to expand their data-exploration and decision-support tools with a spatial component.