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Navigating Supported Employment and Education Services for Youths During COVID-19 and Severe Weather Events

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posted on 2023-11-08, 02:58 authored by Amanda Kwan, Kim Conroy, Keri Barron, Nadia NandlallNadia Nandlall, Srividya N. Iyer, J. L. Henderson, Skye Barbic

In 2021, the British Columbia (BC) Interior experienced a series of unprecedented disasters, ranging from extreme heat and wildfires to catastrophic flooding and evacuations. Along with these severe weather events, BC was affected by COVID-19 outbreaks and public health restrictions. Despite these challenges, communities worked to ensure that youths who are at risk for increased mental health challenges continued to have access to services that promote well-being, such as individual placement and support programs for supported employment and education. This Open Forum presents program considerations and adaptations in Foundry Penticton, one of 12 province-wide integrated youth hubs, to ensure service delivery during acute and chronic disasters.




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