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Laser interferometry - Report #HT-01-2017

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posted on 2023-09-01, 14:36 authored by David NaylorDavid Naylor
An introduction is given to the optical setup and principle of operation of classical and holographic interferometers that are used for convective he at transfer measurements. The equations for the evaluation of the temperature field are derived and methods of analysis are discussed for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional temperature fields. Emphasis is given to techniques for measuring local heat transfer rates. For two-dimensional fields, a method is presented for measuring the surface temperature gradient directly from a finite (wedge) fringe interferogram. This “direct gradient method” is shown to be most useful for the measurement of low convective heat transfer rates. For three-dimensional fields, the equations for calculating the beam-averaged local heat flux are presented. The measurement of the fluid temperature averaged along the light beam is shown to be approximate. However, an analysis is presented showing that for most cases the error associated with temperature variations in the light beam direction is small. Digital image analysis of interferograms to obtain fringe spacings is also discussed briefly.