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Inverse Kinematics of Concentric Tube Robots in the Presence of Environmental Constraints

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posted on 2023-08-18, 16:39 authored by Mohammad Jabari, Manizhe Zakeri, Farrokh Janabi-SharifiFarrokh Janabi-Sharifi, Somayeh Norouzi-Ghazbi

Inverse kinematics (IK) of concentric tube continuum robots (CTRs) is associated with two main problems. First, the robot model (e.g., the relationship between the configuration space parameters and the robot end-effector) is not linear. Second, multiple solutions for the IK are available. This paper presents a general approach to solve the IK of CTRs in the presence of constrained environments. It is assumed that the distal tube of the CTR is inserted into a cavity while its proximal end is placed inside a tube resembling the vessel enabling the entry to the organ cavity. The robot-tissue interaction at the beginning of the organ-cavity imposed displacement and force constraints to the IK problem to secure a safe interaction between the robot and tissue. The IK in CTRs has been carried out by treating the problem as an optimization problem. To find the optimized IK of the CTR, the cost function is defined to be the minimization of input force into the body cavity and the occupied area by the robot shaft body. The optimization results show that CTRs can keep the safe force range in interaction with tissue for the specified trajectories of the distal tube. Various simulation scenarios are conducted to validate the approach. Using the IK obtained from the presented approach, the tracking accuracy is achieved as 0.01 mm which is acceptable for the application.




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