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Indigenous city fieldtrip : A resource guide to Ryerson University

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posted on 2023-04-10, 20:15 authored by Jeremie Caribou, Rachel Reesor
This resource guide contributes to a knowledge base of events, facts, interpretations, and relationships relating to Indigenous peoples with a particular focus on the land that is currently occupied by Ryerson University. This knowledge base is available for free to anyone who wishes to learn about or educate others about this topic. We realize that nobody “owns” this knowledge but that knowledge is always embodied and situated in personal experiences. Please use and share this knowledge responsibly and with respect. The guide is intended to facilitate walking field trips involving particular sites (i.e. “stations”) located on or close to Ryerson campus. For each station, we identified several resources and included links to original sources. We structured this guide by listing the sources followed by a brief description of the information from the source in bullet form. This brief description does not replace reading the original source but is rather intended to help the reader navigate the guide. We envision several ways in which this guide can be used: it can be used as a self-guided tour; it can be used by the community organizations and Ryerson instructors to develop field trips to be delivered to their classes or other audiences; or it can be used by students and the wider community to learn about Indigenous peoples and their relationship to Ryerson University.