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Inclusive City Building: Public Engagement Processes in the GTA

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:45 authored by Taranjeet Kaur Grewal
Cities are changing yet planning policies are not keeping up with these changes. The migration of diverse individuals is a reality, yet planners are not considering how city building can be made more inclusive for these groups. This paper aims to answer the question, how can public engagement processes be more inclusive for immigrant and racialized communities? A literature review and analysis of policies for selected municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area is conducted and it is determined most policies and vision statements are too broad. The policies in place do not cater to immigrant and racialized groups however this can be rectified through creating engagement master plans and empowering the public to take part in the public planning process.
Key Words: public engagement, diversity, immigration, racialized groups, GTA



Anna Triandafyllidou Usha George