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Government department leads successful change challenge: national voluntary health organizations plan for future state

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:01 authored by Irene Devine, Hedley G. Dimock
{Paragraph 1 of Introduction]: The last decade of this century has been a difficult one for the public sector. Budgets have been cut, programs merged or eliminated, and operational staff downsized. There have been societal changes including shifts in attitudes and values, and excessive consumerism. During the decade, the 'victim' phenomena has become a prevailing force with well organized special interest groups demanding recompense for perceived injustices. And days of universal entitlements have been under critical review, if not coming to an end. All government levels have been under increased pressure for services, yet have had fewer resources with which to respond and a less clear mandate with which to work. Statements such as "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you," are met with wry smiles as many government programs' credibility has waned. New and creative responses are required to meet the challenges of responding to these 'new realities'. This article is a report of a government department that radically altered its service delivery and pioneered an experimental program based on the latest understandings from the field of organization development. Keywords: CVSS, Centre for Voluntary Sector Studies, Working Paper Series,TRSM, Ted Rogers School of Management Citation: