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Enhancing the learning and teaching of public speaking skills

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posted on 2022-01-13, 15:20 authored by Johanne Jean-PierreJohanne Jean-Pierre, Sabrin Hassan, Asha Sturge

Various pedagogical strategies promote the development of communication skills that enable graduates to leave their mark and make positive changes in society. This article focuses on instructional lessons learned from undergraduate student perspectives of the pedagogy of the lightning talk, a three-minute oral presentation delivered without the use of supporting materials and without audience engagement in a noncompetitive environment. Drawing from the data of a mixed-methods study conducted at a metropolitan university, this article highlights key pedagogical lessons. Students’ responses indicate that instructors can implement instructional strategies that enhance students’ preparatory work and accessibility. Students also shared that they developed valuable public speaking-related skills. Overall, the findings can inform how instructors can enhance learners’ communication skills with inclusive teaching strategies.


Ryerson University Learning & Teaching Grant (2019)



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