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Development and Implementation of an Advanced Therapeutic Communication Course: An Interprofessional Collaboration

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posted on 2023-01-24, 17:11 authored by Jasna SchwindJasna Schwind, Elizabeth McCay, Kateryna MeterskyKateryna Metersky, Jennifer Martin

Background: Interprofessional education and practice have been gaining recognition during the past decade. However, little has been written on person-centered care (PCC) within interprofessional practice and how it could be taught to interprofessional learners.

Method: A key element of PCC is therapeutic communication. Consequently, a group of interprofessional faculty innovated a graduate-level elective course on advanced therapeutic communication where interprofessional learners together explore PCC within interprofessional care. The course curriculum is underpinned by mindfulness in education, nonviolent communication, and reflective writing. Various teaching- learning strategies, including creative self-expression, are also used.

Results: The created competencies and conceptual framework may be used by other educators in creating a similar interprofessional course. Interprofessional learners gained a deeper and broader understanding of PCC in interprofessional care.

Conclusion: On the basis of this undertaking, the faculty gained a deeper appreciation for interprofessional collaboration in the development of innovative educational methodologies that advance interprofessional teamwork in education and professional practice. [J Nurs Educ. 2016;55(10):592-597.].




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