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Detecting apoptosis using dynamic light scattering with optical coherence tomography

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posted on 2021-05-21, 12:24 authored by Golnaz Farhat, Adrian Mariampillai, Victor X. D. Yang, Gregory J. Czarnota, Michael KoliosMichael Kolios
A dynamic light scattering technique is implemented using optical coherence tomography (OCT) to measure the change in intracellular motion as cells undergo apoptosis. Acute myeloid leukemia cells were treated with cisplatin and imaged at a frame rate of 166 Hz using a 1300 nm swept-source OCT system at various times over a period of 48 h. Time correlation analysis of the speckle intensities indicated a significant increase in intracellular motion 24 h after treatment. This rise in intracellular motion correlated with histological findings of irregularly shaped and fragmented cells indicative of cell membrane blebbing and fragmentation.