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Consumer behaviour of Chinese pre-teen and teenage youth

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posted on 2022-12-08, 14:14 authored by Osmud RahmanOsmud Rahman, Xiaopeng Chen, Raymond Au


The purpose of this study is to investigate how age, gender, information sources and parent-child communication may influence Chinese pre-teen (9–12 years old) and teenage (13–18 years old) shopping behaviour. A quantitative research method and a self-administered questionnaire was employed to measure the significance of clothing evaluative cues, parent-child communication and shopping behaviour of pre-teens and teens in the People’s Republic of China. In total, 273 usable data were collected for this study. It is evident that peer influence was considered by respondents as an important information source, followed by store displays. Parent–child communication also played an important role on clothing consumption. In order to meet the needs and aspirations of these young consumers, fashion designers should pay attention to material selection and usage. In addition, fashion retailers should focus on the visual and experiential aspects of the store environment in order to build a stronger connection and resonance with these young consumer groups.