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Clustering-Based Visual Interfaces for Presentation of Web Search Results: An Empirical Investigation

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posted on 2023-04-13, 18:18 authored by Ozgur TuretkenOzgur Turetken, Ramesh Sharda
The result of a typical web search is often overwhelming. It is very difficult to explore the textual listing of the resulting documents, which may be in the thousands. In order to improve the utility of the search experience, we explore presenting search results through clustering and a zoomable two-dimensional map (zoomable treemap). Furthermore, we apply the fisheye view technique to this map of web search clusters to provide details in context. In this study, we report on our evaluation of these presentation features. The particular interfaces evaluated were: (1) a textual list, (2) a zoomable two-dimensional map of the clustered results, and (3) a fisheye version of the zoomable two dimensional map where the results were clustered. We found that subjects completed search tasks faster with the visual interfaces than with the textual interface, and faster with the fisheye interface than just the zoomable interface. Based on the findings, we conclude that there is promise in the use of clustering and visualization with a fisheye zooming capability in the exploration of web search results.