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Characterizing the Effect of an Off-Peak Ground Pre-1 Cool Control Strategy 2 on Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

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posted on 2023-04-19, 14:24 authored by Adam Alexandar Alaica, Seth DworkinSeth Dworkin
Geo-exchange systems are a sustainable alternative to conventional space conditioning systems due to their high operating efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. However, geo-exchange’s ability to penetrate the market has been throttled by large capital investments, resulting in undesirable payback periods. Optimized hybrid ground source heat pump systems (HGSHP) systems have been introduced as a remedy to overcome the current economic hurtles associated to the installation of geo-exchange systems. In both the literature, as well as in practice, there still remains potential for increased economic feasibility of this technology through integration of intelligent operational strategies. This paper presents a novel control methodology referred to as an off-peak ground pre-cool strategy, employing a time-of-use conscious operating logic which artificially pre-condition the system’s bore-field. Reducing peak power consumption is achieved by creating improved thermal characteristics during mid-peak/peak time-of-use operating brackets. A comprehensive numerical model was developed to characterize the operation of HGSHP systems for three real case studies. The mode implemented a base case set-point control scheme, used as a reference to assess the operational benefit of the proposed off-peak ground pre-cool control strategy. The preliminary analyses indicated operational cost savings of up to 16.4%, under specific pre-cool scheduling. The strategy indicated reductions in both carbon emission and peak power consumption of up t 19 15.0% and 58.5%, respectively. In all cases increasing cooling supplied by the hybrid geo 20 exchange system was indicated, with a maximum observed capacity increase of 43.7%.




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