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A Special Issue on the Sociology of Childhood and Youth in Canada

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posted on 2022-11-17, 22:09 authored by Michael Adorjan, Rachel BermanRachel Berman

[First paragraph]: "Former CSA President Dr. Patrizia Albanese (2009) observed ten years ago that sociology in Canada has been relatively and comparatively slow to jump to action when it comes to its own distinct contributions to childhood studies... Canadian sociology has seemingly ‘given up’ children as social subjects, worthy of study in their own right, to developmental psychologists, instead focusing on socialization and the inter- generational transmission of culture and roles. For the most part, Canadian sociologists treat children as objects that are being acted upon by parents and society. In mainstream Canadian sociology, children remain undefined, a homogenous lump to be sculpted and acted upon, either virtually invisible or in need of protection (2009: 138)."


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