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A New Look at Retest Learning in Older Adults: Learning in the Absence of Item-Specific Effects

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posted on 2022-10-31, 21:08 authored by Frank A Russo, Lixia YangLixia Yang, Maureen J. Reed, Andrea J. Wilkinson
We investigated retest learning (i.e., performance improvement through retest practice) in the absence of itemspecific effects (i.e., learning through memorizing or becoming familiar with specific items) with older adults. Thirty-one older adults (ages 60 – 82 years, M = 71.10, SD = 6.27) participated in an eight-session self-guided retest program. To eliminate item-specific effects, parallel versions of representative psychometric measures for Inductive Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, and Visual Attention were developed and administered across retest sessions. The results showed substantial non-item-specific retest learning, even controlling for anxiety, suggesting that retest learning in older adults can occur at a more conceptual level.



Ryerson University