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A Multi-Objective Optimization Problem on Evacuating 2 Robots from the Disk in the Face-to-Face Model; Trade-Offs between Worst-Case and Average-Case Analysis

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posted on 2023-10-02, 14:21 authored by Huda Chuangpishit, Konstantinos GeorgiouKonstantinos Georgiou, Preeti Sharma

The problem of evacuating two robots from the disk in the face-to-face model was first introduced by Czyzowicz et al. [DISC’2014], and has been extensively studied (along with many variations) ever since with respect to worst-case analysis. We initiate the study of the same problem with respect to average-case analysis, which is also equivalent to designing randomized algorithms for the problem. In particular, we introduce constrained optimization problem 2Evac𝐹2𝐹, in which one is trying to minimize the average-case cost of the evacuation algorithm given that the worst-case cost does not exceed w. The problem is of special interest with respect to practical applications, since a common objective in search-and-rescue operations is to minimize the average completion time, given that a certain worst-case threshold is not exceeded, e.g., for safety or limited energy reasons. Our main contribution is the design and analysis of families of new evacuation parameterized algorithms which can solve 2Evac𝐹2𝐹, for every w for which the problem is feasible. Notably, the worst-case analysis of the problem, since its introduction, has been relying on technical numerical, computer-assisted calculations, following tedious robot trajectory analysis. Part of our contribution is a novel systematic procedure, which given any evacuation algorithm, can derive its worst- and average-case performance in a clean and unified way. 




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