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A Framework for Extension of Dynamic Finite Element Formulation to Flexural Vibration Analysis of Thin Plates

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journal contribution
posted on 2021-05-21, 12:27 authored by Mohammad M. Elahi, Seyed M. Hashemi
Dynamic Finite Element formulation is a powerful technique that combines the accuracy of the exact analysis with wide applicability of the finite element method. The infinite dimensionality of the exact solution space of plate equation has been a major challenge for development of such elements for the dynamic analysis of flexible two-dimensional structures. In this research, a framework for such extension based on subset solutions is proposed. An example element is then developed and implemented in MAT LAB software for numerical testing, verification, and validation purposes. Although the presented formulation is not exact, the element exhibits good convergence characteristics and can be further enriched using the proposed framework.



Yuri S. Karinski