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Risk and the Reasonable Refugee - Coded Data and List and Description of Immigration and Refugee Board Files in Data Set

posted on 2022-08-17, 17:52 authored by Hilary Evans CameronHilary Evans Cameron

This data set comprises 316 decisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board from the first half of 2016. They are coded for the nature of the adjudicators' credibility conclusions and for whether the adjudicators justified these conclusions with reference to a set of factors relating to the claimant's risk response.

The sheets list and describe the Immigration and Refugee Board files included in the data set for the study. 

Ethics Statement: This study did not require Research Ethics Board approval because it consists of legal judgments in the Public Domain.

See: Hilary Evans Cameron, "Risk and the Reasonable Refugee: Exploring a Key Credibility Inference in Canadian Refugee Status Rejections" (forthcoming, International Journal of Refugee Law).


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - postdoctoral fellowship