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From the describer's mouth: reflections on creating unconventional audio description for live theatre

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:43 authored by John-Patrick Udo, Deborah I. Fels
Audio description (AD) gives individuals who are blind or partially sighted the opportunity to access and enjoy audiovisual entertainment media and events through the aural description of visual stimuli via a secondary audio track, feed or onstage character/narrator. It is most commonly known as an accessibility strategy for pre-recorded media such as television or film. However, AD is now being used to make live theatre and events more accessible to a wider audience (see Holland 2009; Orero and Matamala 2007; York 2007). This is seen as a proactive way of encouraging a new demographic to attend the theatre while also addressing the needs of an ageing population who may develop a need or interest in the service.




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