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Migration, Security, and Resistance: Global and Local Perspectives

posted on 2023-03-13, 19:48 authored by Graham Hudson, Idil AtakIdil Atak

This volume explores the digitization, privatization, and spatial displacement of border security and the effects these have on political accountability and migrant rights.

The governance of security and migration is unfolding in new political spaces. Cooperation and competition among immigration officials, border guards, transnational security corporations, IT companies, local police, and international organizations has decoupled migration governance from national political structures. The chapters in the volume examine how these dynamics affect the deployment and constraint of sovereign power in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the EU. Contributors trace this process from the disciplinary perspectives of law, political science, sociology, criminology, and geography. Part I of the book explores the reconfiguration of security and migration governance through historical processes of privatization, digitization, and the rescaling of border control technologies to local and global spaces. Part II explores how migrant rights actors have responded by rescaling resistance to global and local levels.

This book will be of much interest to students of critical security studies, global governance, migration studies, and international relations.




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