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MEDIAUCRACY: Why Canada hasn't made global TV hits and how it can

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posted on 2021-08-09, 17:18 authored by Irene S. Berkowitz

MEDIAUCRACY: Why Canada hasn't made global hits and how it can is the story of the fiery collision between Canada's national TV policy and the global, online era. Featuring interviews with Hollywood showrunners, award-winning producers, and top policy leaders, it argues for a new goal -- globality -- policy that incentivizes global reach and popular content. Mediaucracy concludes with an original five-step, goal-driven, evidence-based, critical path including POM to COM, G-Score, and PM to AM. Called an "important, timely roadmap to a much-needed policy update," this 21st century tool kit will future-proof Canadian TV policy via the three key words in the TV biz: Audience, audience, audience.





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